The Battle for the Largest Disruptive Technologies, AI & 5G is Here: The U.S. and China square off to control the next 3 decades.


Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering has delivered the great inventions of the last century.
From light bulbs to neural networks, EE has changed our world. could be your Domain

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Thomas Edison

inventing the light bulb allowed us to see.

Nikola Tesla

electrified the world.

Von Neumann

gave us computers and changed everything.

The Xerox Alto

redefined how computers are used.

Guglielmo Marconi

got us rid of the wires.

Norbert Wiener

showed us the power of feedback.

3 Gorges Dam

EE has helped create some of our largest man-made functional structures.

The World’s Smallest Devices

and some of the smallest, a 7 nm. transistor is about 1/10,000 the size of a human hair.


and by seeing small things, look what we found.

Neurons and Brain

EE is helping create Artificial Neurons, as found in IBM’s TrueNorth chips.
Each board has a chip that emulates 1 million neurons. 
Humans have 100,000 times that many.

Deep Dream

still Artificial Neurons are creating different dreams.

AI is coming

and now EE’s newest frontier.  Should we worry?

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